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Meet The Team

Liv Fay Headshot 3.jpg

Liv Sigel

Founder & Executive Director

Liv is a USC graduate and a working actress in Los Angeles. Liv has a deep passion for helping animals and spends her time creating relationships with her unhoused neighbors. Her goal is to ensure homeless pets maintain happy and healthy lives. Liv is thrilled to be making a positive impact on her community.


Sarah Cortright, DVM

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Sarah Cortright graduated from St. George's University and is a DVM at Alicia Pet Care Center. Dr. Cortright spends her free time with her rescue animals and is passionate about providing the highest quality of veterinary care to pets of all backgrounds. She fell in love with UCP and joined the organization in July of 2022. 


Lahari Kankar

Vice President & Medical Coordinator

Lahari is a Registered Veterinary Technician and works at Specialty Vet Emergency in Los Angeles. She is extremely passionate about community animal care, animal education, and is involved  with many mutual aid organizations across Los Angeles.


Sehaj Grewal, DVM

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Sehaj Grewal is a DVM at his own hospital "The Melrose Vet" in Los Angeles. Dr. Grewal joined the UCP team in late 2021 and loves giving back to his community. He provides personal, communicative, and quality pet care to all. In his free time, Dr. Grewal helps UCP raise funds and collect donations for pets in need.


Lina graduated from USC with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Screenwriting. She is currently the Assistant Director of Admissions at USC and she has many original scripts in the works. Lina loves volunteering with the pets of the unhoused and works hard to combat injustice in our community. 

Lina Goggins-Rendon

Secretary & Volunteer Coordinator


Our Story

I began volunteering and getting involved in the Skid Row community in the summer of 2020. After eight months of outreach, I realized how many pets live in the Skid Row area and how important they are to the members of the community. I felt very connected to these underdogs, and I had a vision of providing free and accessible veterinary care for the people and the animals that are overlooked everyday. After receiving a grant from Pets of the Homeless, I created our first wellness clinic on Skid Row. I am honored to have founded the Underdog Community Project and we are working hard to create connections in the community. I envision a world where veterinary care is free, quality, and accessible for all pet owners.

   - Liv Sigel

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